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So what's going on with your Web site?
Criterion's had an extremely busy year. With over 40 DVD and laser releases, a theatrical rerelease, and an office relocation, it's been tough to keep things current on our web site, especially over the last few months.

So, we've had to revisit our goals for this site once again. Last year, our top priority was making Criterion more accessible to you, our customers. The volume of mail I've received over the year has, I think, proven our success. It's also given us an unprecedented dialogue with you on every conceivable subject covered by Criterion. Thanks for all your suggestions, questions, words of encouragement, and vigilance.

At this time, we announce the discontinuation of our online store. For well over a year, Criterion has not kept any inventory and we have instead worked with a series of fulfillment providers; the latest, Ken Cranes, has been terrific. However, DVDs and to a lesser extent lasers, are now enjoying widespread availability over the Web (click here for a list of links). A canny shopper will unearth incredible discounts (we've seen new DVDs offered for up to 50% off the retail price) simply by surfing. Additionally, Criterion's exit from the retail business frees up a good amount of time to add more useful information to this site.

As promised in a post of a few month's back, I, Jon Mulvaney, am very happy to expand my chapeau wardrobe; in addition to my Ann Landers advice bonnet, I now wear Hildy Johnson's reporting fedora, and will be providing you more frequent updates on what's happening in Criterion's production process. Feel free to contact me at: mulvaney@criterionco.com. Forgive me if I don't respond to every letter, and be sure to read the archive; many questions are already answered there in great depth.

As to our indepth sites and essays, we are currently exploring how best to deal with this trove of information. We ask your patience as we find a more streamlined way of presenting it to you.

In this penultimate year of the millenium, we wish you the best.
Take care,
Jon Mulvaney

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