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Godzilla: Good news and not so good news

The good news concerns all who were worried that we would be releasing a laser version of the Godzilla films currently available on video from Scimitar. This won't happen.

The not so great news is that these releases are, for the time being, on indefinite hold. As I stated in my last column, it was imperative to us that the releases do justice to the original films, with correct running times and the subtitle vs. dubbing situation addressed satisfactorily. We ran into some snags on this particular deal (none of which can be made public at this time), and to our chagrin, we'll have to wait a bit before pursuing these titles further.

The producers and I offer our heartfelt thanks for the wealth of information from the many Godzilla aficionados. Please know that all material is currently on file in anticipation of the time that we can revisit the possibility of Criterion Godzillas. We share your disappointment, and are doing all we can to get these films to you in Criterion editions. Take a lesson from Brazil by remembering that patience often pays.

International sales

I just wanted to find out whether anyone has the licensing rights to distribute films (especially the older films) from your catalogue in Australia. The majority of films in your catalogue are not available here on video, hence consumers have to buy NTSC tape or laserdisc from retail stores in the US since you won't sell direct (PAL laserdisc is dead here and DVD is only just starting up).
--Lincon Dullow

We're sorry, but Criterion has North American distribution rights only. The solution for our overseas customers has been to order discs through a friend with an American address, then have the discs forwarded on to them.

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Did you morons put a bullet in John Woo's head?

My, my, my, how DO these rumors get started? At least once a week, I, Jon Mulvaney (credo: the meek shall inherit the earth) receive a letter phrased in the most indelicate of terms along the lines of the above question. Apparently, there is an article floating about wherein Woo is quoted as saying we dropped the ball on a proposed LD of the title in question. Nobody here has seen the article, and a copy would be appreciated: mail to Jon Mulvaney, Criterion, 578 Broadway, New York, NY 10012. But there's definitely a huge misunderstanding somewhere about exactly what Criterion did in regards to this film.

Here are 3 things that we can swear are true:

1. Criterion never had rights to Bullet in the Head.

2. Criterion never recorded a commentary track for Bullet in the Head .

3. Criterion loves John Woo, and we (the staff, not my many other selves) feel Bullet in the Head is an unqualified masterpiece. Readers of this column know very well that I cannot disclose any upcoming title information, and if you don't know why,
click here. What I can say is that we hear you: Bullet in the Head would make a fabulous addition to the Criterion Collection. Your love for this title is shared by us. Let's hope for the best.