From the beginning, Voyager has sought to push the limits of laserdisc technology. Along with the ability to create multiple audio tracks laserdiscs offer perfect still-frame capability that Criterion uses to create supplementary sections -- including screenplays, storyboards, production photo galleries, in addition to motion footage -- that seek to elucidate the context and circumstances surrounding feature films.

Voyager now maintains a full-service online editing suite of its own for the production of our laserdisc line, and over the years, the editions have grown richer and more complex. The storyboards and shooting script included on our original Citizen Kane were only a beginning. Since then, Criterion collectors have been treated to a complete gallery of Syd Mead's renderings for Blade Runner , home movies of Marilyn Monroe on the set of Some Like It Hot , an exploration of special effects for Ghostbusters, video interviews with filmmakers, deleted scenes, director interviews, split-screen discussions, film-to-storyboard comparisons, even a primer on cel animation on Akira.

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