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"Fassbinder Collection"

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BeitragVerfasst am: 09 Nov 2007 15:02    Titel: "Fassbinder Collection" Antworten mit Zitat

Artificial Eye veröffentlicht Filme von Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Die Infos stammen jeweils von MovieMail:

12. November 2007
[url=http://www.moviemail-online.co.uk/films/21797/Rainer_Werner_Fassbinder_(Vol_1)/]Fassbinder Collection - Vol. 1[/url]

One of the most acclaimed and controversial post-war German filmmakers, Rainer Werner Fassbinder created a prolific and extraordinarily influential body of work. This first volume of his films features Lola, Martha, Why Does Herr R Run Amok? and the documentary I Don’t Just Want You To Love Me.

Lola (1981) was conceived as a homage to Josef Von Sternberg’s ‘The Blue Angel’, and is a biting satire of capitalist greed starring Barbara Sukowa as the eponymous cabaret singer and call girl.
Special features tbc:
- Interviews with Barbara Sukowa, co-writer Peter M�rthesheimer & composer Xaver Schwarzenberger
- Theatrical trailers

Why Does Herr R Run Amok? (1970) is a savage, provocative portrait of middle-class banality and alienation that follows the monotonous daily routines of the mild-mannered Herr R until one evening he finds that he can take no more.
Special features tbc:
- Rainer Werner Fassbinder & Kurt Raab biographies

In Martha (1974), a young woman is slowly stripped of her freedom by her sadistic, tyrannical husband. Fassbinder’s bold homage to Douglas Sirk’s 1950s Technicolor melodramas finds him at his most wickedly perverse and stylistically assured.
Special features tbc:
- Interview with cinematographer Michael Ballhaus and actor Karlheinz Böhm
- Theatrical trailer

I Don’t Just Want You To Love Me is a documentary in which Fassbinder’s friends and closest colleagues remember him in this documentary profile which also includes interviews with Fassbinder himself and excerpts from his work.

3. Dezember 2007
[url=http://www.moviemail-online.co.uk/films/21869/Fassbinder_Collection_(Vol.2)/]Fassbinder Collection - Vol. 2[/url]

Until his untimely death aged just 36, Rainer Werner Fassbinder blazed a trail through post-war German cinema leaving a prolific and celebrated body of work that continues to inspire, shock and challenge audiences and filmmakers.

Veronika Voss (1982)
Influenced by Billy Wilder’s ‘Sunset Boulevard’, Fassbinder’s savage satire stars Rosel Zech as the eponymous Veronika Voss, a washed-up film star who dreams of returning to the glory days of her past.
Special features tbc: interviews with actress Rosel Zech, editor Juliane Lorenz, director of photography Xaver Schwarzenberger and co-writer Peter Märthesheimer/ theatrical trailer

In a Year of Thirteen Moons (1978)
Volker Spengler gives an extraordinary performance as the transgendered Elvira, a man who has become a woman in a desperate bid to please a former lover. Relaying various episodes from Elvira’s life, Fassbinder’s powerful film is one of his most intensely personal.
Special features tbc:
- Interviews with filmmaker Werner Schroeter and co-writer Juliane Lorenz
- Panel discussion with the performers
- Theatrical trailer

The Third Generation (1979)
One of Fassbinder’s most controversial films, ‘The Third Generation’ is a perverse satire about an incompetent gang of bourgeois terrorists who are motivated more by a desire for action than by their weak political convictions.
Special features tbc:
- Interview with co-writer Juliane Lorenz
- Theatrical trailer

Germany in Autumn (1978)
This fascinating portmanteau film also takes as its subject the political unrest wrought in the autumn of 1977 by the terrorist activities of Red Army Faction. Through documentary, dramatised vignettes and archival footage, Fassbinder and his collaborators examine the events and explore the motivations behind this crisis point in German history.
Special features tbc:
- Interview with filmmaker Volker Schlöndorff and co-writer Juliane Lorenz
- Theatrical trailer
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