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DVD Profiler 3.6

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Autor Nachricht

Anmeldungsdatum: 10.03.2005
Beiträge: 2820
Wohnort: Hall of the incredible macro Knight

BeitragVerfasst am: 30 Okt 2009 13:25    Titel: DVD Profiler 3.6 Antworten mit Zitat

in kürze wird eine neue version unseres geliebten DVD Profilers veröffentlicht.

hier die release notes der aktuellen beta:

Note: This is a partial list and does not include many of the bug fixes and smaller items. Also, it's unparsed so forgive any grammaticul and speling errors also. Also.

- Performance! All users should see 25-40% faster startup, and some who have had really slow startups will see an enormous improvement. Startup is the major improvement but some other aspects are improved as well. For instance, Movie Pick load is now 30% faster.

- One of the performance improvements is so big it gets its own line: Greatly improved performance of changing genre, rating, and media type filters in the Add DVD window

- New in this Beta cycle is parallel mode. When you first run the Beta, it will ask whether to run in Parallel mode or not. Parallel mode leaves your existing installation untouched and stores all its settings and files in alternate locations, and will start out with an empty database. Note that if you subsequently choose to open one of the main databases, it will be converted to version 3.6's structure.

- Lots of enhancements to the plugin API, with more planned in the 3.6 cycle. Improvements will allow new plugin functionality and greatly improved performance.

- New feature: Database sharing.
- Under Tools->Options->Sharing, you can set the program to share via a particular port.
- View-only and View/Change will be supported. For now, View/Change allows setting Watched By only. Additional features will be added in the 3.6 cycle
- Server can view a list of connected clients and can ban IPs
- Server and client can send a command for all connected programs to select and display a particular DVD
- Connection is protected via customizable password
- Database sharing is one of the options for data access from DVD Profiler for the iPhone.

- Custom collection types (up to 10):
- A choice of indicator graphics for each
- Each can optionally track collection number and purchase info
- The built-in types can be optionally hidden.

- New Exclusions section in DVD->Personalize allows exclusion on a per-profile basis for movie pick, Mobile, iPhone, remote desktops, and the public and private online collections

- New "Count As" setting in DVD->Personalize allows defining how many entries the profile is counted as in collection counts

- Improved support for barcode scanners, including batch scanning.
- Added 'Add Multiple' feature to Add DVDs by UPC interface. Fully automated additions by UPC file, entry, or barcode scanner.
- Barcode scanning is now automatically detected in the main window - just scan directly and the program will take an intelligent action. For instance, if the title is in your Wish List or Ordered collection, the program will prompt to move it to Owned. If it's marked as Loaned, it will prompt to mark as returned, etc.

- HD Media banners now supported all over, including Movie Pick and reports

- New divider type for cast and crew, can be set to group a section of credits together within a particular episode

- Clicking links in the program will now always launch the default browser rather than launching in Internet Explorer. WOOT!

- Credit lists can now optionally display a credited count for each. Note there is a performance hit for this option

- Individual profiles can now be shared via File->Create Profile File. These files do not contain personal information (collection number, history, etc). Others can open the file to import it (if it exists already, they'll see the comparison interface from which they can choose which data to import)

- Review scores for Metacritic, RottenTomatoes, and Invelos' average user reviews shown on the toolbar for each respective link button. Additionally, the user review button will
highlight based on whether text reviews are available.

- Combined all diagnostic startup options into a new single interface: When holding ctrl, alt, or shift at startup, diagnostic startup options are shown: resetting interface, disabling all plugins, loading a standard layout, etc.

- Cast/Crew info window has an improved look with more data, larger images, and expandable credit listings including episodes and groups

- Existing custom crew is maintained and merged when downloading profile updates (Double WOOT!)

- The Welcome screen has a new section for loaned items, Section shows automatically when loans are overdue, and the welcome screen can be set to do the same.

- From the Welcome screen loaned section, can set as returned, change due date, or send a customizable email reminder

- Revamped audio track system:
- Each track now contains a Content, Format, and Channels designation
- When editing a profile, applicable track channel configurations are shown for the selected audio format
- Audio filter "and" behavior changed - the matching is made on a per-track basis, so filtering "French", "Dolby Digital" "5.1" will find only those profiles with a French DD 5.1 track
- Added "lossless" to the format filter choices

- Added exception trapping and reporting system, with optional post of debug info

- Cast and crew section can now display multiple rows of images. Right-click for option to set rows to 1-6

- Official support for Windows 7

Smaller yet still cool:
- I believe the black image printing issue _may_ be resolved. Let me know if you can reproduce it with this version.
- Added option to nest/not nest box sets in collection list (accessible from the drop-down in the top right of collection list)
- When adding a title via the Add DVD window the program checks for similar titles in your collection (same title or original title, close production year), and shows a little blinking exclamation mark. Click it for details on the dupes.
- Added genres for Film Noir and Children's
- Added optional credited count column to all cast and crew listings
- UNC names can now be used in File Folder settings
- Deletion of child profiles is now recursive
- Corrected nesting of bold and italic tags in overview. The tags properly close as well, and additional cleanup to the html was done.
- Added Option to download missing images when downloading from DVD Profiler Online
- Added drive drop-down and eject button to DVD->Edit->Discs, DVD->Change UPC, and DVD->Add to Collection->By Inserted Disc
- Added option to lock layout (View->Lock Layout)
- Blu-ray/DVD combo now selectable when editing media types
- —, –, ™, ©, ®, † now display properly in overview edit window
- Added buttons to enter special characters (—, –, ™, ©, ®, †) into overview
- When database repair utility is finished, it now displays the list of repair notes
- Added Next matching cast/crew buttons to quickly select matching entries in the credits when filtering by cast/crew
- Overview text color now set correctly w/a black background
- Increased length of Disc Location field to 250 characters
- Optional selection highlighting of current cast/crew photo
- If the files in the data directory are read-only, the program warns and offers to change it
- Purchase place selection field now supports incremental search
- Changed settings of file uploader component to resolve firewall issues when contributing
- Greatly improved speed and accuracy of DVD Profiler Online synch when synching between two computers
- Added chart for Purchase Places
- Title fields in the Add DVD window now allow full length for titles
- Bookmark support: Press Ctrl+Shift+Num to mark a spot, Ctrl+Num to jump back to it
- Thumbnail and detail view now show a little indicator of the number of days till release (can be disabled)
- Add ability to edit tags from personalize window, edit window
- Front and back cover image displays now accept file drag/drop. Files dragged this way will not be recompressed and will instead be copied byte for byte.
- Added report element for Last Watched, shows the date last watched by anyone
- Lots of new tags for the HTML panels including tags for matching colors to the current display theme, and for new data elements
- Rating chart now correct when reviews partially set (e.g. 2 stars, 0 stars now total as 2 stars instead of 2 1/2)
- Added sort by production year in the Add DVD window
- Increased max length for cast and crew dividers from 40 chars to 60
- Added Georgian to languages, subtitles
- Boolean values in the XML are now lower case
- The Blu-ray region is automatically assigned to the region for the selected locality when Blu-rays are created
- New options in the Refresh Updated DVD Profiles window allow automated addition of new box set children
- Improved look of review displays and revamped the review setting interface
- Watched By window: Added Previous and Next buttons to the date selection. Shift-click to change one week, Ctrl-click by one month, Ctrl+Shift-click by one year
- Added support for tags in reports
- Added filter by collection number - None, Empty, or a range - to the Personal tab in Filters
- History and Notes added to Paste window
- When using replace in the cast/crew editors, the Credited As is assigned automatically to the old name. Hold Shift to bypass
- Cast/Crew name search now locates names with spaces in the first name correctly (such as "The Rock")
- Added search field for studios in the filters panel
- Include "Watched notes" also in the users watched history
- Added Copy History to Clipboard option to user's history and DVD History
- Double-click on feature icon to find profiles with that feature
- Added features for BD-Live and picture-in-picture (PiP) for Blu-ray.
- The alphabetic sorting in all drop down boxes now works for translations (Locality and COO lists)
- Added sortable collection list column for locality
- All collection sorts now have a tertiary sort by production year
- Add by disc ID now shows a full list of matching profiles, with localities, if there are more than one
- Added option to lock box set contents (prevents prompting when new contents available)
- Added undicator when personalizing when the collection number is already in use
- Discs added to a profile automatically by the DVD->Add to Collection->By Disc ID interface now properly carry forward the "Dual Layered" flag
- Collection list box sets can be expanded via right/left arrows as well nowN X - Turn off translation expansion notifications


Der Mensch lässt sich grob in zwei Gruppen einteilen: in Katzenliebhaber und in vom Leben benachteiligte.

Francesco Terarca
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Dr. Strangelove

Anmeldungsdatum: 02.08.2005
Beiträge: 1806

BeitragVerfasst am: 30 Okt 2009 14:52    Titel: Antworten mit Zitat

Nur schade, dass davon noch immer keine Mac-Version geplant ist. So muss ich das unabkömmliche Ding immer erst aufwändig emulieren.
"Un artiste est toujours jeune" Jean-Marie Straub
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Anmeldungsdatum: 10.03.2005
Beiträge: 2820
Wohnort: Hall of the incredible macro Knight

BeitragVerfasst am: 30 Okt 2009 15:42    Titel: Antworten mit Zitat

Dr. Strangelove hat folgendes geschrieben:
Nur schade, dass davon noch immer keine Mac-Version geplant ist. So muss ich das unabkömmliche Ding immer erst aufwändig emulieren.

sollte das mit den heute erhältlichen emulatoren nicht eine relativ einfache sache sein? Shocked


Der Mensch lässt sich grob in zwei Gruppen einteilen: in Katzenliebhaber und in vom Leben benachteiligte.

Francesco Terarca
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Anmeldungsdatum: 10.03.2005
Beiträge: 2820
Wohnort: Hall of the incredible macro Knight

BeitragVerfasst am: 08 Dez 2009 12:40    Titel: Antworten mit Zitat

hier noch die release notes von der aktuellen beta:

Version 3.6.0, Beta build 1302 is now available for download. This build should be considered a test release.

- This build will be released via the normal beta process, tomorrow morning, including full version 3.6.0 changelogs
- For this build, please focus on stability and critical bugs only. Any requests for features or enhancements posted to this thread will be mercilessly deleted. You are welcome to post these in alternate threads in this forum.
- As usual, contributions are disabled for this release. They will be enabled later in the beta cycle.
- If you elect not to run in parallel mode, you should select Online->Refresh Online Profile List while holding CTRL to get a full download once after installing.

The beta may be downloaded from http://www.invelos.com/appdata/dvdpro/install/prerelease/DVDProBeta.

Invelos Software, Inc. Representative

Ken Cole
Invelos Software

Registered: March 10, 2007
Posts: 1,792
Posted: December 8, 2009 2:52 AM

Changes in this release:

- Custom collection category contents may optionally be included in the Owned collection
- Selective startup is now initiated when the program was unable to start successfully last run
- Added option to the custom collection categories to make collection numbers globally unique or unique within collection type
- Added Average User Review as a sortable column in the collection list
- Added working indication when loading a collection list remotely
- Collection tab hint no longer shown when hovering over collection list
- Bug report interface changed, enabled optional screenshot inclusion
- NTSC/PAL setting now copies via Copy/Paste, if Video Formats is checked
- Added PCM 7.1 as an audio option
- DDPlus, DD TrueHD, DTS+HD (both), missing 5.1 (matrixed 6.1) and dolby surround
- PCM missing 5.1 (matrixed 6.1), 6.1 discrete, 7.1
- MPEG-2 is mislabled as MP2
- Can now add tracks with a codec but no channel information
- Corrected formatting of audio track list view
- Database repair utility no longer removes collection numbers from custom collection types
- Buttons for bold and itallic now functional in the overview editor
- Fixed: Deleting the currency entry in Personalize results in error
- Corrected Reassign Collection Numbers performance issue
- Corrected: For films rated Category IIB the rating runs over the "Runtime" label when an actor's credit list is brought up.
- Credit info window now shows custom collection types
- DVD->Edit->Personal, the review scale is now correct
- Database errors now result in a helpful message rather than an error submission window
- Fixed: XML Export: Channels not listed for audio tracks
- Fixed: XML Export: Format is output incorrectly
- XML Export: All boolean values are now lower-case
- Prompt to refresh no longer shown on remote databases
- Entering mobile registration no longer prompts to synch on remote databases
- "R" for role no longer shown in the expanded lists for crew in crew info window
- Current collection queried and shown in the Open Database dialog for remote databases
- Fixed: Blank white image shown for crew when none exists (initially)
- "Small" collection category icons setting now remembered
- Photo indicators right-click setting for crew/cast now function normally
- New features added to checkbox display
- Fixed: DVD Profiler Movile in Exclude popup
- Corrected box set children sorting issue
- Switching collection type via command file command "CollectionType" now functions for custom collection types.
- The DVD->Move To command is now recursive, and will move all box set children, grandchildren, etc
- Fixed: New episode dividers show under 'Direction' and are not movable
- Reversed behavior of Shift-Click Replace button in cast/crew edit
- Corrected issue displaying multiple crew headshots
- Exclusions and Count As set during Add DVD now saved correctly
- Fixed: Counts cleared when editing custom collection types
- Fixed: If Owned column is hidden, program still starts w/owned
- When translation changed, collection tabs no longer reset
- Fixed: Changing CountAs from the edit window doesn't save when that is the only personal change
- Fixed: Changing CountAs from the edit window doesn't update the tab's count
- Debuglog.txt file now included when error report is sent
- Improved look/functionality of error reporting interface
- Corrected issue with Clear All Filters button not requerying
- Fixed: If we don't enter production year it appears 0 instead of empty
- Fixed: Can't use return key to add line into notes field
- Up/down arrows in credit info windows now function correctly
- Fixed: When you move something from owned collection to custom collection, "Purchase Date" changes to a date when the move was done.
- Fixed: On the cast/crew popups, the 'credited-as' data is no longer displayed.
- Fixed: When viewing your collection over a shared database, the remote system doesn't display the last watched
- Fixed: Remote listing doesn't display disc location, country, or locality in collection list
- Fixed: Setting WatchedBy not initiating a client update
- Fixed: Average review not shown for remote databases
- Fixed: Collection->Flagged->Move to custom category assigns incorrect collection numbers
- Fixed: Remote display doesn't show the "Image not available" graphic when none available
- Fixed: Remote DBs: Filtering by tags does not work
- Fixed: Items from wish list showing in owned on remote databases
- Fixed: Right-click menu for avg review collection column not checked as appropriate
- Fixed: Odd behavior of box sets that are child profiles of another set when moved to a custom collection type
- Items added to wish list now default to Count As 1
- Corrected issue with gradients in reports going outside their bounds
- Added report elements for external reviews (average user, RottenTomatoes, Metacritic)
- Fixed: Collection sorting issues on remote databases
- Media banner for front, back, per profile: On, Off, Auto

- Added: Remote review setting via main interface
- Added: Remote tag setting
- Added: Remote loaning, returning, changing due date
- Added: Remote DVD->Move to
- Added: Remote DVD->Personalize
- Fixed: Restoring a 3.5 db into 3.6 does not show cast/crew image comparison
- Fixed: Reports: Audio format conditions: the condition to ANY DTS or ANY Dolby Digital it doesn't matter which track index I selected it will not save the value
- Changed error trapping for 'cannot create' type exceptions to show a helpful message rather than allow error reporting
- When user unchecks 'none' in collection number section of personalize, now picks next availble number
- Welcome Page menu option now disabled for remote databases

Plugin Changes
- Added Get/SetCountAs
- Added Get/SetMediaCompany
- Added Get/SetRating (RatingSystem, RatingAge, RatingVariant)
- Added Get/SetRatingDescription
- GetDescriptionByConstant needs utility for Country of Origin / Localities
- Event TagsChanged now fires correctly
- DVDRefreshed event now fires whenever a downloaded profile is saved


Der Mensch lässt sich grob in zwei Gruppen einteilen: in Katzenliebhaber und in vom Leben benachteiligte.

Francesco Terarca
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Dr. Strangelove

Anmeldungsdatum: 02.08.2005
Beiträge: 1806

BeitragVerfasst am: 08 Dez 2009 13:08    Titel: Antworten mit Zitat

Da ich kürzlich auf Mac gewechselt bin, bin ich nach langem Suchen nach Alternativen zu der fabelhaften DVDpedia gewechselt. Das tolle daran: man kann alle Einträge des Profilers nahtlos importieren und nebenbei seine Sammlung bei Bedarf auf dem i-Phone verwalten.

Trotzdem: DVDProfiler ist ein bleibt ein Spitzenprogramm, ein wenig trauere ich ihm schon nach.
"Un artiste est toujours jeune" Jean-Marie Straub
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