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line USA drama 1991 color 137 min.
Director: Terry Gilliam
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2 discs, catalog # CC1288L
Writer-director Terry Gilliam operates on a grand scale. His baroque visual feasts, with uncanny design and special effects, capture the organic style of science-fiction visionaries like Jules Verne. But Gilliam's mad joyrides also dig deeply into matters of social responsibility, artifice, and tragedy. By incarnating cinema at its most fantastical, this storyteller proves once and for all the triumph of imagination over reality, and each of his Criterion discs, especially the long-awaited Brazil, has become a part of laserdisc legend.

"The Columbia Tri-Star version pales in comparison." -Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Director Terry Gilliam presents a Manhattan where contemporary crises and medieval mythology merge. Jeff Bridges plays Jack, a radio shock jock who redeems himself by living out the impossible dreams of Robin Williams' Parry, street person and knight. Mercedes Ruehl won an Academy Award for her performance as Jack's long-suffering girlfriend.

Criterion's edition features:

  • New widescreen transfer, approved by Terry Gilliam
  • Audio commentary by Terry Gilliam
  • Six scenes cut from the original theatrical release
  • Extensive key scenes analysis with storyboards, script excerpts, photos, and extra footage
  • Three original theatrical trailers
  • Closed captioning for the hearing impaired

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