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USA film school 1976 color 116 min.
Director: Martin Scorsese
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Scorsese's films-and his abundant film knowlege-have always been an integral part of the Criterion Collection. Whether interviewing the late director Michael Powell or unraveling his own means and methods, Scorsese's commentaries are as intense as his films. These Director Approved editions provide an opportunity to learn from a modern master.

Robert De Niro stars as Travis Bickle, a Vietnam vet seeking catharsis through violence. Jodie Foster plays the teenage hooker who is Bickle's friend. Both Criterion editions are presented in the original widescreen aspect ratio, in a new transfer supervised by Taxi Driver's cinematographer, Michael Chapman. Bernard Herrmann's chilling score is featured on a music-only audio track.

The CAV edition won Video Review's 1991 ViRA award for Best Special Features. This disc features:

  • Audio commentary by director Martin Scorsese and scriptwriter Paul Schrader
  • Complete storyboards for the film
  • Production and publicity photos
  • An early draft of Paul Schrader's hard-hitting script
  • An essay about the creation of Bernard Hermann's score

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