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USA film school 1967 bw 74 min.
Director: Jim McBride
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1 disc, catalog # CC1396L

"My life haunts me in uncommon ways," says David Holzman. So he embarks on a filmic mission to order his chaotic life in David Holzman's Diary, Jim McBride's classic satire on cinema verite. The fictional Holzman begins to document every aspect of his existence in search of the meaning of life. His rewards, hnowever, are dubious: His girlfriend leaves him because he won't stop filming her; his friend lectures him on his meaningless concept; and finally, the whole experiment leaves him more confused than ever. One of the best and most influential independent films of the '60s, David Holzman's Diary has been named to the Library of Congress' National Film Registry as one of 50 American films deemed historically significant and worthy of preservation in its original form.

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