UK drama 1965 bw 127 min.
Director: John Schlesinger
CLV: out-of-print collectible
2 discs, catalog # CC1155L

John Schlesinger's keen-eyed character studies crackle with tension as eros and ambition collide. Visually vivid tours-de-force with hunger at their hearts, these are keynote films of the sexual revolution, early warning signs of the cultural confusion to come. Here one of the most provocative living directors speaks out.

Julie Christie won an Oscar for her performance in this tale as a beautiful, capricious and ambitious young woman who casually drifts her way up the social scale from cover girl to Italian princess. One of the few films to look beneath the sleek veneer of London's fabled "swinging sixties," Darling reveals what made this scene tick. Criterion's special release features audio commentary by director John Schlesinger and the theatrical trailer.

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