USA suspense 1992 color 127 min.
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
CAV: out-of-print collectible
3 discs, catalog # CC1335L

Francis Ford Coppola's kaleidoscopic imagination continually fractures and recomposes mythic stories from history and literature. In bringing the Dracula legend to the screen, Coppola exploded the costume and genre films that gave him his start. With this Criterion edition, he peels away the layers of technique and meaning that make up this lush personal myth.

"Criterion's disc, as lavish as the film, enables us to see it from Coppola's point of view." -Mike Clark, USA Today

Innovative and arresting, this Dracula is a wholly original retelling of the vampire legend. Director Francis Ford Coppola offers a visual feast of dazzling effects and art direction. Gary Oldman is eerie and erotic as the blood thirsty Count; Winona Ryder and Anthony Hopkins also star.

Criterion presents Bram Stoker's Dracula with these special features:

  • Commentary by director Francis Ford Coppola, visual effects supervisor Roman Coppola, and Oscar-winning makeup artist Greg Cannom
  • A separate music and effects audio track, showcasing the film's Oscar-winning sound effects editing
  • An editing workshop that allows you to put together your own scene
  • Scene-by-scene special effects analysis
  • A candid look at the film's production, including rehearsal footage, behind-the-scenes set footage, and costume and pre-production sketches
  • The theatrical trailer
  • An analysis of the film's artistic influences and a look at the historic Dracula legend

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