USA science fiction 1968 color 149 min.
Director: Stanley Kubrick
CAV: out-of-print collectible
3 discs, catalog # CC1160L

CLV: out-of-print collectible
2 discs, catalog # CC1235L

Kubrick once said, "The feel of the experience is the important thing, not the ability to verbalize it." One of the few unquestioned masters still at work, Stanley Kubrick has put Criterion through its paces in six editions. A painstaking perfectionist, he has taught us as much about the feel of a great transfer--with his sense of cool precision and his obsession with technical detail--as he has taught audiences worldwide about their own fears, dreams, and desires.

"The definitive version on laserdisc of this most influential film ... as close as you will ever get to experiencing the film in the way the filmmakers intended." -Gary Reber, Widescreen Review

2001, with Douglas Trumbull's stunning special effects and Arthur C. Clarke's philosophical screenplay, has sparked endless discussion among moviegoers. Criterion's edition is the best home video version of 2001. The widescreen transfer on both Criterion editions was supervised and approved by director Stanley Kubrick, making 2001 look and sound better than ever!

Criterion's CAV Special Edition includes:

  • An interview with Arthur C. Clarke
  • NASA space mission footage
  • Computer-animated films of the Jupiter fly-by missions
  • Hundreds of 2001 documents, production memos, and photos

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