USA drama 1955 color 81 min.
Director: John Sturges
CLV: out-of-print collectible
1 disc, catalog # CC1265L

The action-packed world of John Sturges is populated by men facing impossible odds--not invincible Hollywood heroes, but genuine, masculine characters with discernible flaws and palpable dreams. Their humanity is a reflection of the warmth of the director, who helped us create special editions of two of his greatest films.

"One of the best commentary tracks yet." -Rad Bennett, The Perfect Vision

In 1945, for the first time in four years, the Southern Pacific stops in Black Rock. A one-armed man (Spencer Tracy) steps off the train, setting off mysterious activities surrounding the disappearance of a Japanese rancher a few years before. Criterion presents this modern-day Western in a new widescreen edition with audio commentary by director John Sturges.

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