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USA action 1987 color 103 min.
Director: Paul Verhoeven
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Hollywood's most controversial director fought for years to restore the moments from RoboCop that drew the lines between hero and antihero, action adventure and black comedy. With Criterion's edition, he finally does it, and on a wild ride of a commentary you'll find out why that's so important.

Called by Ken Russell "the greatest science-fiction film since Metropolis," controversial Dutch director Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop is a special-effects-laden cult phenomenon. The film features a resurrected and roboticized hero (Peter Weller) in a new, supercharged cyborg body, struggling to reclaim his memory and avenge his own death. Brutally violent, gleefully funny, the film is a grown-up superhero fantasy come to vivid, bloody life.

Both Criterion editions include the unrated director's cut master in THX, including "excessively violent" shots, cut from the theatrical release to avoid an X rating.

Criterion's CAV Special Edition includes:

  • Screen-specific stereo audio commentary with director Paul Verhoeven, co-writer Ed Neumeier, producer Jon Davison, and Robocop expert Paul Sammon
  • Film-to-storyboards comparison
  • Extensive still frame supplement chronicling the production of RoboCop

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