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France suspense 1965 bw 104 min.
Director: Roman Polanski
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2 discs, catalog # CC1387L

No detail is too small for the attention of this perfectionist auteur, so when Criterion contacted him about his Polish classic, Knife in the Water, Polanski insisted on retranslating the subtitles himself. For his second Director Approved disc, he pulled out all the stops, recording commentary, video interviews, even including his earliest surrealist shorts.

The horror found in everyday objects bombards the senses in Repulsion, director Roman Polanski's nightmarish record of a crumbling mind. Catherine Deneuve plays a woman terrified of sexuality and driven to murder. As we witness her hallucinations and delusions, Polanski immerses us in his excruciating thriller, a Grand Guignol vision unequaled in film before or since. Criterion's special edition is packed with these special features:

  • A scene-specific audio commentary by director Roman Polanski and actress Catherine Deneuve
  • Three short films of Roman Polanski
  • A video interview with Polanski
  • The original theatrical trailer
  • A new, exclusive digital transfer that does justice to Polanski's vision for the first time on video

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