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USA drama 1991 color 132 min.
Director: Barbra Streisand
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Barbra Streisand fought to get The Prince of Tides made her way. It took years, but she won, down to the last detail. She brought the same high standards to this disc, refining it over two years before granting us her approval.

An adaptation of Pat Conroy's best-selling novel,The Prince of Tides marks directer, producer, and star Barbra Steisand's triumphant return to filmmmaking, following up her directorial debut in Yentl. The Prince of Tides centers on Tom Wingo (Nick Nolte) and his efforts to aid in the therapy of his troubled sister, Savannah. Serving as his sister's memory for psychiatrist Susan Lowenstein (Streisand), Wingo confronts his own demons, and is drawn into a life-affirming romance with Lowenstein. Streisand molds Wingo's story into a man's journey towards spiritual health shaped by the women in his life. Nolte's performance, the best of his career, earned the film one of its seven Academy Award (R) nominations.

Special features:
  • Audio commentary by Barbra Streisand on the making of The Prince of Tides, her perspective on its central themes, and her approach to filmmaking
  • Vision and Versions: Making The Prince of Tides, and exclusive interactive documentary on the production of the film packed with extra material including screenplay excerpts, audition and rehearsal video, behind-the-scenes video, alternate versions of key scenes, deleted scenes, costume and makeup tests, interviews, production photos, storyboards, and more
  • "Places That Belong to You," sung by Barbra Steisand for an alternate version of the film's credits
  • The Prince of Tides featurette
  • Outtakes: Nick Nolte's gag reel
  • Theatrical trailer and teaser trailer

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