Italy drama 1952 bw 92 min.
Director: Orson Welles
CLV: out-of-print collectible
2 discs, catalog # CC1372L

Orson Welles' acclaimed 1952 version of the Shakespeare tragedy has itself a tragic history. A brilliant cinematic interpretation of the Moor's tale willed into existance by one of cinema's great masters, Othello's production was hampered by a host of difficulties and limited resources. Compounding the problem was the loss of high-quality prints and negatives shortly after its initial release. While a fully restored print was released to critical acclaim in 1992, veiwers have been unable to see Welles' original version as it appeared at the 1952 Cannes Film Festival--where it won the Palme d'Or--until now, with Criterion's special edition.

Supplements on the special edition include:

  • new transfer supervised by filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich and Maria Palazzola
  • screen-specific commentary by Bogdanovich and documentary filmmaker/Welles scholar Myron Meisel
  • Excerpts from Filming Othello, the 1979 documentary in which Welles discusses the production of the film
  • Return to Glennascaul, an Academy Award-nominated short film made by Micheal Mac Liammoir (Iago) and Hilton Edwards (Brabanito) during one of the many production hiatuses of Othello.
  • Outtakes from the Italian documentary Rosabella, including interviews with the cast and crew of Othello.
  • Comparison of other screen Othellos, with commentary by Russ Lees

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