USA comedy 1989 color 126 min.
Director: Terry Gilliam
CAV: out-of-print collectible
3 discs, catalog # CC1281L

Writer-director Terry Gilliam operates on a grand scale. His baroque visual feasts, with uncanny design and special effects, capture the organic style of science-fiction visionaries like Jules Verne. But Gilliam's mad joyrides also dig deeply into matters of social responsibility, artifice, and tragedy. By incarnating cinema at its most fantastical, this storyteller proves once and for all the triumph of imagination over reality, and each of his Criterion discs, especially the long-awaited Brazil, has become a part of laserdisc legend.

"The definitive disc presentation...Voyager is once again to be congratulated for its continuing commitment to preservation of film art."-- Nick Redman, Directors Guild of America News

Director Terry Gilliam lets his imagination run wild in this fabulous adventure movie. Based on the outrageous exaggerations of an eighteenth-century German adventurer, Baron Munchausen travels to the moon, to the center of the Earth, and into the belly of a whale. Starring John Neville, Eric Idle, and Uma Thurman, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen is a mad joyride of wonderous special effects, eccentric characters, and romantic quests.

The definitive Criterion edition includes:

  • New widescreen transfer
  • Audio commentary by director Terry Gilliam
  • Four deleted scenes
  • A detailed analysis of the film's script and development
  • Storyboards documenting scenes never filmed
  • Production sketches, models and costume tests
  • Clips, stills, and notes from previous Munchausen film versions
  • Step-by-step presentation of special effects compositing
  • History of the film's legendary production, with interviews and location video
  • Original theatrical trailer, posters, and advertising campaigns.

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