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movies-about-movies-blog-a-thon-singin-in-the-raingoatdogblog ruft zum blog-a-thon auf. Das Thema: Movies about Movies.

There are films about the insanity of the filmmaking process, about the neuroses of the people who make them, about the pleasures they bring to viewers. From the bitter cynicism of The Player, The Big Knife, Sunset Blvd., and so many others, to the happier endings of Movie Crazy and Singin‘ in the Rain, movies about movies are one of my favorite sub-genres.

If you feel the same way, over the weekend of August 22-24, write a post about a movie about the movies. You have at least 95 years‘ worth of films to choose from; if you’re not sure what to pick, here’s a list of suggestions. If you would like to participate, email me and let me know. I’ll send out periodic, but not naggy, reminders as the event approaches.


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