Eine Top-10 nie vollendeter Film-Projekte

Bei The List Universe wurde eine „Top 10 Great Movies That Were Never Finished„-Liste veröffentlicht. Eine interessante Zusammenstellung … und jeden der Filme hätte ich zumindest gerne mal gesehen. Zumindest bei der #2, „The Other Side of the Wind“ von Orson Welles aus dem Jahr 1972, soll dies in Zukunft möglich sein, denn Peter Bogdanovich möchte den zu 96 Prozent abgedrehten Film vollenden.

Völlig neu für mich war das Filmprojekt „Kaleidoscope“ von Alfred Hitchcock:

This film was to be a groundbreaking experimental film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. If it had been completed it would probably have been Hitchcock’s darkest film. Even Hitchcock himself worried that some scenes might be too frightening for the audience. Kaleidoscope was the story of a bodybuilder who was a serial rapist and killer. David Hemmings and Michael Caine had been suggested as leads in the film. In the script there are several murders, including an attempt on the life of a policewoman. Hitchcock planned to experiment with innovative filming techniques such as hand-held filming and natural light. He also wanted to tell the entire story from the perspective of the killer. Unfortunately MCA studios stopped the project because they thought that the protagonist was too repulsive. All that remains now is an hour-long tape of silent footage. Some of these ideas would be recycled into his 1972 movie „Frenzy“.

Schreib doch was!